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Oscillating Brush System
Bulk solid material:
i.e. Powder, Mica Flour, Glitter, Flakes, Chips, Granule, Conglobated (Ball) Yarn, Sand, Carbon Particle, Glass, Corundum, Wood Particle...


Hotmelt Coating and Lamination
Decorative Surface Effect Coating for Flooring, Wall and Ceiling
Surface-Finishing i.e. Wear and Tear, Safety...
Matrix of Carbon Particle => Filter Media
Material Hardening...
System Description:
A hopper which is resting on a metering roll (according roll design i.e. "carding" to match the bulk solid material) picks up the material to be scattered. The hopper doctor blade runs the material into the "pockets" of the metering roll. Afterwards the material will be brushed off by means of an oscillating needle brush and it is falling accurate onto the underneath travelling substrate. This system has its application especially for Powder, small and medium size chips (flakes) etc.

Precision Scattering Machine "Oscillating Brush System"

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