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In 1968 the Engineer Eugen Knobel founded the machinery company knobel in Ebersbach nearby Goeppingen.

In 1972 the Emil Paul Schilling AG was founded by the Engineer Emil Paul Schilling in Erlenbach nearby Zurich.

Both gentlemen, entrepreneurs and pioneers of their time, established worldwide solutions in machinery design and building as well as process technology for the textile industry. Especially for fusible interlining coatings on the basis of hot melt powder scattering, powder dot and paste dot processes. In the course of the years applications in new industrial fields have been developed. Machinery based on patents i.e. "powder scattering with oscillating brush system" was well received by the industry.

In the seventies and early eighties the first fully automatic "thermoformers" for moulded automotive carpets have been delivered with great success.

At the end of the eighties, resilient floorings were added to carpet and represent today – beside fibre and plastic recycling, automotive, composites, roof sheeting, wood-plastic-composites and filter media – the core business of

Schilling-Knobel GmbH
Scattering + Thermofix® Technology.

Eugen Knobel, Airport
Buenos Aires 1972
Emil Paul Schilling
Ralf Knobel and Bernhard Voith

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